We have started what I would call the first of our “real” travel. Galapagos was quite planned out. We packed our backpacks and headed for the two hour bus ride to Otovalo. First off-my pack is flippin heavy! 36 pounds is more than I wanted for weight so will need to figure that out. The tickets were only $2 per person and the bus ride was surprisingly comfortable and beautiful sightseeing. We drove through a mountainous area up and down these green hills with some streams in between. Once we arrived in Otovalo we headed to the hostel Keith had chosen. I felt like I was 20 again walking around the narrow streets of this city with my legs feeling the weight of my pack…..but I was smiling for sure! Found our hostel with no problems and have checked in here for two days. Cute hostel with our own room and bathroom. Clearly it is much less expensive here-only $26/night including breakfast!

Had a great night sleep our first night and arose to a day at the famous markets here. Oh my gosh was it amazing! The first one we ran across was full of vegetables and meats. Every kind of meat you can think of – pig head, cow livers and hearts, cow eyes….they don’t waste anything on the animal. The veggies were so fresh and robust. The green onions were absolutely gigantic! Keith tells me that volcanic soil is ripe for growing and that sure shows! I walked that particular market twice it was so fascinating. Next we wandered through the clothing and “stuff” market. Here we both bought hats made out of alpaca and they are so soft. I could have filled an entire suitcase from here with gifts for all my family and friends. Given the fact I have six months and my bag is already way too heavy I had to be okay with just a hat. Here they have what is called almuerzo which is a set menu at many restaurants for lunch. Ours was soup (yes it did have a chicken foot in the bottom of it) and chicken with rice and some juice. It was fantastic! Not too mention for the both of us it was a mere $3.50!

Tomorrow we rise early and catch the bus back to Quito. I have to pick up my camera from a camera repair shop and then we are bussing it to Banos which is a city full of waterfalls and volcanos. Until next time!

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6 Responses to Otovalo

  1. sara says:

    I love what you’re doing, my friends! And, I love following along! This is amazing!

  2. Tracy says:

    Thank you both for posting your adventures for all of us to enjoy. I can visualize everything you are talking about and experiencing (yes, I am living vicariously through you!). haha What an beautiful place and I can’t wait to read what you post next. Be safe and we all miss you!

  3. Mary says:

    This is so exciting – it’s so fun to follow your travels on your blog. Can you share a bit about what the weather is like there (temps in day vs. night)? Are there any local hazards you’ve learned of since arriving, like some weird lizard to avoid or something like that?

  4. Janet says:

    I spent my evening tonight (its Friday night the 22nd of July) catching up on your travels! Love the descriptions and the pictures! Such a one in a million lifetime adventure – so glad i get to live it with you through pictures.

    Thanks for keeping in touch – you are missed! Love to you both and continued safe travels!

  5. Boulder Billy says:

    What up! This is awesome! You are awesome! Keep it coming 🙂

  6. Stefany says:

    Love the hat!!! Too cute! You have way better self control than me when it comes to shopping. LOL. I had to laugh reading the market/food descriptions. I could just hear Karen Linden’s comments. Take care!

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