Ica, Peru

After our week long stay in Lima we were ready for some warmth. Lima´s weather as mentioned before was damp and chilly. So we did away with the cold and made our way to a warm, cozy town called Ica. Here felt a bit like a beach getaway. Our hostal, Villa Jazmin, was just perfect for our wants and desires. The first and foremost being absolutely and completely quite. Lima was full of constant honking, car alarms and the hipster next door finding it okay to play his music until about 3:30 am most nights so we needed some peace for a bit. And this spot did just that! The food was wonderful at our quaint little get away and many times we ate right on the patio overlooking the pool. The pictures were of a one day adventure where we rode on a dune buggy. I have always wanted to try it and it was a lot like a roller coaster ride for hours. LOVED it!! They took us during sun set so the dunes were stunning. Many folks on the tour snowboarded on the dunes. I figured I would pretty much injure myself trying that so I opted for riding the board down the dune on my stomach. That was just fantastic! I unloaded sand out of my pockets for days. The other tour we did in this lovely city was visit three wineries, Bodegas as they call them in Peru. All of them made the specialty peruvian liquor called Pisco. Now I´m not a big fan of the alcohol just straight up but I do believe Keith has taken a liking to it – much like that of his tryst with tequila this summer. The wine made was decent and we made friends with our taxi driver, Eddie, for the day which is always fun for me. Nasca, Peru was next and Keith will be commenting on this city as this was a bucket list item for him in life and I find it only appropriate that he report. Until then…

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  1. Paul E. Redemann III says:

    Well, lets see……….Kelly in a desert, with black clothing on; hmmmmmm, yep, seems to take after her Mother in the clothes category again. I must say you have some nice air on that jump Kelly!
    Unc Paul

  2. Diana says:

    AWESOME. You look like you are having the time of your life… 🙂

  3. Stefany Friar says:

    Cute picture, Kelly! I agree with your Uncle, nice air. :0) It sounds like you two had a blast on the sand dunes. Take care!

  4. Kathy Sanderlin says:

    LOVE the pics. Proof that these beautiful places are really real and not something you read about in a book. LOL. Kell – We have a great pic of you at the sand dunes hanging up at the office. You truly are missed by all.

  5. Joe & Carla Henry says:

    Happy Aniversary in Cuesco

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Your blog is fantastic – wish we were there. We think of you often. We visit your cars daily and they are doing well.

  7. Joe & Carla Henry says:

    I love that picture of you jumping! It says it all – far too much fun for you. I think I may even have tried the boarding on my stomach! Love you lots!!

  8. Mom and Dad B. says:

    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. We love them all. Can see how happy you are.

    Dad and Mom Buchanan

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