From Loja to Lima, Peru

Well it has been some time since I have posted so thought I would sit down and say hello. As you may or may not know we have crossed over the border into Peru. Our last city in Ecuador was called Loja and we crossed the border at Macara. Our first night was spent in Piura, Peru. Here we began to see more colonial architecture from the Spanish. This particular city was more of a break in time for us so not much to report.

Next we moved South to Chiclayo, Peru. The picture above is a common form of transportation called the mototaxi. Chiclayo began our journey into a big history lesson for me. We visited two museums which explained the pre-Incan cultures of Moche and Chimu. It was truly fascinating tombs and information at the Museo de las Tumbas Reales de Sipán dedicated to the discovery of the Lord of Sipán. It was shaped like a pyramid and me being a visual learner found it very interesting.

But far better and what I would consider a city on the verge of becoming a tourist haven is the next city 4 hours south called Trujillo. It’s a big city of about 1.5 million people. The weather was hot and it was right on the ocean. The historical findings here are so amazing to see and I would suggest anyone to pay it a visit. The Huaca del Sol and Huaca de La Luna were pyramid like temples with some parts recently discovered as late as the nineties. An entire city is being excavated here in between these temples and as you tour around you get to see the archeologists working.

There were also the ruins of Chan Chan which again taught me more about pre-Incan culture. We toured another temple called El Brujo and within this temple a mummy was more recently discovered and we were able to see the actual remains. Trujillo also has this quaint beach town called Huanchaco which we visited one day. Lots of surfers riding the waves and fisherman with their handmade boats.

We really liked Trujillo and do believe this is a mecca of history that anyone visiting Peru should experience. Next we took a 9 hr bus ride to the bustling city of Lima, Peru. I am not kidding when I say it was the best bus ride of my life and the trip. The seats were huge leather seats larger than those on a fist class airline. We had lunch served to us and were treated like royalty. Compared to what we were used to in Ecuador we were smiling and it was quite nice to sit back and watch the beautiful scenery of ocean alongside sand dune after sand dune unravel before us. Entering Lima gave me an energy. With 8 million people you can imagine the contrast from what we had been used too. We have rented a loft apartment for a week in the neighborhood/city of Miraflores. It’s nice to do mundane mindless chores like dishes, cooking, ironing, etc. I know it sounds crazy but it adds a little touch of home to do these things and it makes me smile. I have to admit I made myself macaroni and cheese one night and it was a real winner for me. Macaroni and cheese aside, Lima boasts some of the best dining throughout South America so we will try our fair share of yummy food – I already had my first ceviche and it was heavenly! We have been sleeping in, walking to the ocean and just checking the city out and it has been wonderful. It feels rather cold here even though the temperature is around 68 F. With the ocean so close it is very damp so often I am wearing my long johns as there is a bit of a chill in the air. Until next time!

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4 Responses to From Loja to Lima, Peru

  1. Paul Redemann says:

    Hmmmmm, long johns at 68 degrees! You are certainly like your Mother!
    Unc Paul

  2. Rick and Paul from Cuenca says:

    Since arriving back home I have been reading the blog, from the beginning to this latest entry. You both need to write, you are exceptional, like your other friends have said, you can feel like you are right there with you and experiencing all that you are. I look forward to the next entry. Stay safe and enjoy every minute of each day. Happy travels.

  3. Ron & Debra Waters says:

    What a absolutely wonderful experience you two are having. Wish we were there right along with you to absorb all the knowledge you two are taking in! Take care!

  4. Paul E. Redemann III says:

    Knowledge, heck, they are just having a blast!!!
    Unc Paul

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