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Ecuador Wrap-up

All in all we really enjoyed our time in Ecuador. For the most part it’s a beautiful country with a rich diversity in both geography and population. The locals are generally quite helpful and friendly people, and it also doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is a charming city in southern Ecuador that we first heard about from a cab driver in Denver, and we were looking forward to putting down some roots for a few days after basically being in transit for the … Continue reading

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The Road to Cuenca

When we ventured earlier to Puyo and Macas, we did so because we wanted to get off the beaten path or “gringo trail” and into an area we knew few tourists usually see. It wasn’t until later though that we … Continue reading

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Puyo & Macas

After Banos we took a fairly short bus ride closer to the jungle to a city called Puyo. Here there are many tours that take you deeper into the jungle. The weather went from cool to humid and wet upon … Continue reading

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Baños, Ecuador

Dawn broke early in Otavalo. We packed up our bags quickly and dashed to the station to catch our bus back to Quito. Two hours later we arrived back in that sprawling capital, then hopped into a cab that would … Continue reading

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We have started what I would call the first of our “real” travel. Galapagos was quite planned out. We packed our backpacks and headed for the two hour bus ride to Otovalo. First off-my pack is flippin heavy! 36 pounds … Continue reading

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Quito & Galapagos Islands

Well we are definitely not in Colorado anymore! We arrived in Quito and our hotel is nestled in this super green valley. Our first day was spent in the “old town” of Quito wandering the streets which reminded me a … Continue reading

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